Assist Marketing launches case studies to address nationwide events and marketing

Assist Marketing has launched case studies discussing successful events that elaborate on national marketing and events hosted over the years.

Assist Marketing, the nation’s leading provider of event staffing, has published previous case studies events conducted by the staff of Assist Marketing on the company’s official website. Case studies include events for partners ranging from promising startups to Fortune 100 multinationals. The latest case studies in this extensive collection relate to PlayStation, Visa, Geico, Nissan and DirectTV NOW.

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Each case study shared by Assist Marketing includes highlights of the event, a brief description of the services provided by Assist Marketing staff for the event, the scope of the services provided by the staff and some inspirational images from the events.

A closer look at all of the case studies reveals the wide variety of partners that Assist Marketing has been able to serve with exceptional performance Event staffing services. Many of the partners maintain long-term working relationships to continue enjoying the benefits of hiring well-trained staff who are dependable and familiar with the specific brand requirements, brand ideology and event handling.

The case studies also highlight the different types of events that employees can assist with, such as company press conferences, exhibitions, retail activations, and opening and closing ceremonies. Apart from this routine Promotions, the case study for different companies shows how employees adjusted the event activities to emphasize the brand image. For example, the case study for VISA shows Visa’s unique virtual locker room run by Assist staff.

Company Vice President DJ Koeller revealed why so many companies are choosing to partner with Assist Marketing for their events, saying: “Many small businesses continue to struggle to find qualified employees. Even large multinational organizations sometimes struggle with this problem when they need additional staff to host events in new venues that require long journeys and staff accommodation. Reviewing resumes, interviewing applicants, and negotiating pay all take time away from a business owner’s existing responsibilities, which can have long-term implications for the business. That’s why at Assist Marketing, we work with our clients to meet their staffing needs, which is a majority reduces the time and effort involved in hunting for an applicant. We provide our own vetted and trained staff to meet their staffing needs.”

He added, listing industries that Assist Marketing employees have represented: “We have worked with companies in the automotive, eSports, lifestyle, music, retail, sampling, sports, technology and tour sectors. These are our main areas of expertise. We utilize the services of over forty thousand trained W-2 field staff from our database, which represents talent from across the United States.”

To learn more about Assist Marketing’s services and the industry areas in which the company excels, readers can visit the company’s website. Readers can also read all published cases by visiting the company’s official website at

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