Construction Services

Seko Construction is a design general contractor that specializes in commercial, industrial and recreational facility construction. They also offer the safety program. They are able to expand their reach in the near future, with their main office located in Vancouver, BC. Currently, the company has a small but growing portfolio of projects. In fact the company has already expanded its e-commerce logistics unit. A recent acquisition of Air-City, Inc. will open a number of new offices in the Greater Toronto Area and Northern Ontario.

The company has a proven track record of completing projects within time and within budget. They also have partnered with XPS Contracting, the Permasteel Group and formed a construction consortium. Recent accomplishments include the largest expansion of office space in Western Canada, the company’s most recent fulfillment center for e-commerce located in Shenzhen, China, and the addition of a mezzanine floor to their Vancouver office.

Their divisions of construction management and value-added forwarding offer white glove delivery solutions for a wide range of customers. They have more than hundred offices around the world, with 120 located in the APAC region, including Hong Kong and Shanghai, and are well-positioned to utilize their global reach and local expertise to serve their sellers sending millions of parcels daily to international markets. SEKO also has a strong focus on e-commerce logistics, as evident by the huge amount of online orders they process each year.

One of the best places to begin is with the latest innovation, a platform for technology that will deliver a seamless flow of information to its customers and deliver a truly enhanced customer experience. In addition, they have a dedicated space for value-added freight forwarding and an enormous omni-channel fulfillment facility in Hong Kong that doubles their capacity currently. To add to that, SEKO has hired 300 employees in China. Seko Construction has also partnered with Hermes Germany GMBH to build its European footprint.

SEKO has a strong growth strategy with a new partner for investment and a diverse workforce which will allow it to become the world’s leader in logistics for e-commerce. Based on their growth and their success in the China market and plans to open more offices in the future. In 2021, they plan to open a larger but smaller warehouse in Shenzhen. A new Yiwu E-commerce centre is in the works.

The company has also re-aligned itself with Percon Building Systems. With a variety of modern equipment and a highly trained staff, they are prepared to assist their customers in meeting their construction, commercial, and recreational facility needs.

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