Obstacle course rentals are gaining popularity for indoor events in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland

3 Monkeys Inflatables introduces its high quality collection of obstacle courses

With obstacle course rentals for indoor events becoming more popular, 3 Monkeys Inflatables, a respected name in the industry, has launched an immaculate collection of obstacle courses for people in the central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas.

Based in York, the family business has made a name for itself with its excellent collection of inflatable games, which have found the right home with customers in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, Baltimore, Hershey and other towns in the area. These collections are suitable for all types of parties and events including children’s birthday parties, church gatherings or office parties and more. They make the party fun and create memories that last.

3 monkeys inflatable

But now is the time of year when parties and events are moving indoors. As the weather cools and the holiday season approaches, the area sees an increasing number of indoor events. That’s why 3 Monkeys Inflatables has launched a versatile collection of Obstacle course rental which have gained tremendous popularity today. These rental properties are not only fun and exciting, but also safe and convenient for people.

Obstacle courses are known to induce a healthy sense of competition among people. They are a test of skill, agility and endurance. But most of all, they are a source of great entertainment suitable for people of all ages. And now residents and businesses in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland can have this unlimited fun at their parties and indoor events.

3 monkeys inflatable has always strived to ensure its customers the safety of its deliveries. That is why it is known to carry out frequent quality controls on its products Inflatable Games and other party rentals. In addition, it offers rental properties that are thoroughly cleaned with disinfection options, taking safety and hygiene into account. Secure remote installation is another highlight, along with the friendly and attentive customer service the company offers.

Some of the options available in his obstacle course collection include:

  • 40ft Obstacle Challenger (#34) 2 blowers 9 and 7 amp can be rented for $339.00.

  • Ninja 40ft Obstacle Course II | 40′ L x 11′ W x 11′ H | 14 amps is a smart option for $349.00.

  • 72ft Camouflage Steeplechase (#39A & #39B) 72 x 11 W x 16 H | 8.8 and 7.5 amps are $539.00.

  • Nuclear 45 ft Inclined Obstacle (#64) 45 L x 11 W x 15 H | 7 amps can be rented for $449.00.

  • Wacky World Inflatable Obstacle Course (#37) 29 L x 28 W x 12 H | 12 and 7 amps can be the life of the party for $449.00.

3 Monkeys Inflatables has many other exciting options in its collection, making it the ideal venue for people in the area looking to host memorable indoor parties and events.

About 3 monkey inflatables

3 monkeys inflatable is a family owned and operated events rental company that has been supplying the best quality fun party inflatables and other supplies to customers in the central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas since 2013.



3 monkeys inflatable

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3 monkeys inflatable

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