Racer Vanessa Robinson qualifies for the Northwest Super Late Model Series in 2022

Pioneering racer adds another feather to her illustrious cap

Vanessa Robinson, the rookie driver from Las Cruces, New Mexico, has qualified to compete in the 2022 Northwest Super Late Model Series, adding another solid achievement to her list of accomplishments.

Born to machinist and renowned racing engine builder Martin Robinson and Street Rock Championship winner Luz Robinson, this young prodigy has a passion for cars running in his blood. After spending her childhood following her father around the shop and on the tracks, Vanessa Robinson made her racing debut at the age of 13. Fittingly, it was the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico that got a glimpse of this indigenous talent.

Sitting behind the wheels of an old Street Stock, the debutant won the race against some of the more experienced riders in battle. The young talent hasn’t looked back since, cruising the country winning races and making a name for himself in the male-dominated industry. Danica Patrick showed that women can be just as successful on the racetrack and now young Robinson is carrying on the legacy.

Vanessa Robinson

Vanessa Robinson Racing The story has been marked with highlights that involve breaking through various barriers. In her own words: “I was never raised to think I was a girl. I mean, I knew I was a girl, but I didn’t feel like I had any limitations just because I was a girl. I belong behind the wheel of my racing car. It’s just what I love to do.” It’s no surprise, then, that she’s earned the nickname Rockstar from her fans.

But it’s not just the gender barrier that “rock star” Robinson is breaking down gang after gang. She has also become the standard-bearer for Latino/Hispanic audiences in many ways. In addition, she paves the way for young people growing up with dyslexia. “Having a child with dyslexia is a challenging task, yet it is God’s best gift! Having a disability like dyslexia doesn’t stop anyone from reaching for the stars,” her mother said.

Your daughter is certainly aiming for the stars as racer, and the sky is the limit for their achievements. Her competitive nature, unwavering spirit and firm belief in her talent have made her a force to be reckoned with in the NASCAR racing world. She will make her debut in NASCAR’s Pro Northwest Series this season. It’s one way to put her stamp on the field for this sensational West Texas talent.

With qualification for the Northwest Super Late Model Series in 2022, Vanessa Robinson will leave no doubt that her rise to the top is on the fast track. She breaks barriers, wins races and hearts, and is a true trailblazer and inspiration for the future.

About Vanessa Robinson

Vanessa Robinson, the 30-year-old rookie driver with a passion for racing cars in her blood, is breaking down barriers in the male-dominated NASCAR racing world and taking it by storm.


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