Thai Express wins Monitor’s Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Asian Cuisine

The renowned Thai restaurant adds another feather to its illustrious cap

Thai Express, the renowned Thai restaurant has won the Monitor’s Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Asian Food and continues to establish itself as the go-to place for Asian cuisine in McAllen, TX.

Monitor’s Readers Choice Awards recognize the best local businesses and individuals who should be celebrated for their pursuit of excellence. The award is all the more special because it’s based on the voices of people in the community and speaks volumes about their trust in each brand. And Thai Express has done that by raising the bar in Asian dining for people in the area.

Thai Express

Top quality and trustworthy Asian restaurant has steadily expanded its presence in McAllen TX. It has earned a reputation as the leading quick-casual brand dedicated to authentic Thai cuisine. And at the heart of the brand’s success is its commitment to impeccable quality and dedication to Thai cuisine.

People from all over McAllen, TX head to Thai Express to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine with loved ones. They mark their special occasions by dining at the restaurant that has become known as one of the The best restaurants in McAllen and environment. It has been at the forefront and center of many celebrations for people, from family celebrations to friendly outings and events.

Thai Express understands that all good recipes and cuisines can be perfectly executed using the finest and freshest ingredients. It remains a key focus for the brand, which takes great pride in the quality of the food it serves its customers. It’s also known for its versatility, which is why those looking for the best vegan restaurant in the area will also head to Thai Express to satisfy their taste buds.

To make pad thai as mainstream as hamburgers, Thai Express has brought the best of traditional Asian cuisine to one platter for customers. At the same time, the menu offers great food that adds to its universal appeal. From delicious appetizers to soups, curries and noodles, there is no shortage of options on the exquisite menu.

In addition to the authentic taste of Thai cuisine, the top Thai restaurant is known for its friendly and impeccable customer service. Whoever visits the restaurant feels at home and welcome in the warm surroundings. These are just a few of the reasons Thai Express has endeared itself to local communities, and Monitor’s Readers’ Choice award is a testament to its commitment to quality, taste and solid customer service.

About Thai Express

Thai Express McAllen TX serves dishes based on traditional Thai recipes. Each menu item is freshly prepared using quality ingredients, resulting in vibrant, authentic Thai flavors.


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Thai Express

Telephone: 956-304-0360


Thai Express

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