TORQ Packaging USA releases new video about bottle capping machines

Provides insight into the dynamic process of bottling systems

TORQ Packaging USA has released a new video about bottle capping machines, letting people into the world of their impeccable manufacturing that has impressed customers in various industries.

The Italian company, which supplies the US and North America, has earned its reputation on the back of superior quality bottle capping machines, in-line fillers, dishwashers and many other products that tick the right boxes for its customers. His team has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry and has completed hundreds of installations around the world. The highlight of the products offered by the company is that they can be tailored to the needs of the customers without compromising on the quality and the competitive price.

TORQ packaging USA

Because of this, its complete lines and packaging lines are right at home with customers across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, wine & spirits, beverage, food and personal care for powders, solids, granules and liquids. That certainly applies to the Trigger Capper machine, which has its many benefits and features for people in different industries. Like all of the company’s products, it is based on a robust infrastructure, high-quality materials and non-proprietary off-the-shelf components.

And now TORQ packaging USA takes his audience with him; interested customers behind the scenes with the new video it unveiled. It guides you through the stages of making this capper, which can be used for many purposes. One of the hallmarks of these Trigger Cappers is that there are multiple combinations of skills and designs to choose from. Insert and unscrew, insert and roll, insert and snap are some of the options available in the company’s flexible and custom designs.

These are just some of the reasons why TORQ has become the number one choice for tricky spray and pump bottle applications. They have won over customers around the world for their reliability and repeatable performance. In fact, they are known to be extremely durable even in the harshest production environments. In addition to the impeccable quality of the products, customers can rest assured that they will only receive the best customer service from the market leader in this field.

TORQ Packaging USA trigger capper
TORQ packaging USA

TORQ guarantees its customers spare parts and support service. Its global network of technicians and experienced professionals are always on hand to resolve any issues customers may encounter. The company has consistently made sure that the process is also completely transparent for customers. That’s why it offers free deals right at the start. Interested customers can contact TORQ Packaging USA for straightforward advice. And you can get a glimpse into the manufacturing process with the new video that revealed it.

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