Why You Need a Title IX Lawyer

Title IX is federal law that requires universities and schools to respond quickly and equitably when there are allegations of sex-discrimination, such as sexual harassment, violence and assault. It also forbids retaliation in the event of a complaint. The law protects all students, teachers, and coaches in educational institutions.

The law protects those who are victims of sexism in educational programs and activities that receive federal funding, whether they occur on or off-campus. The law covers all aspects of a program or activity, including admissions and the treatment of participants.

These cases are often started when a school receives a complaint of sexual misconduct by a student, or an employee. The school will then conduct an investigation and possibly hold a hearing in order to decide the appropriate disciplinary actions. The accused must be given the opportunity to present their evidence. A school cannot limit the participation of the accused or accuser. If the accused person is found to be responsible, the school will have to impose sanctions such as suspension or expulsion. Both parties can appeal.

Students or employees accused of Title IX violations may face serious consequences both academically and in the social realm. A Title IX Lawyer Carbondale with experience will guide you through the process, and protect your rights. In addition to defending accused, the lawyer can act as an intermediary (so that statements which could undermine your defence are not made to wrong parties) and advocate their client at all stages of the proceedings. Our attorneys have the ability to make claims for bias or mishandling of cases.

In a Title IX case, one of biggest issues is the fact that the standard for proving an accused person responsible for sexual abuse is much lower than the burden in criminal courts – the “preponderance the evidence” standard. This can lead unfairly to a biased hearing where the accused will be presumed guilty. It’s important that an accused person hires a powerful Title IX attorney.

It’s important to note that schools can impose interim disciplinary measures that may limit an accused’s freedom, and interfere with the accused’s education or employment. This can be done by a no contact order, which prevents the accused and complainant being near each other. These restrictions may interfere with participation in student groups, social memberships of fraternities or sisters, and even attendance at class.

Students and their families who have suffered the consequences of a Title IX mishandling are able to file a lawsuit against their school. They can request monetary compensation and changes in procedures. Settlements of this type have been reached in a number of recent lawsuits filed by students and parents against schools who mishandled sexual assault cases. Our firm has earned a national reputation as a firm that aggressively and successfully advocates for victims of sexual assault at universities and schools. Its clients have regularly achieved course final grade changes, significant tuition refunds and monetary awards, and the dismissal of students who have been found responsible for sex offenses.

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